Low Latency Trading Solutions


Nissan Securities offers high-performance system solutions to meet the needs of our clients, and will work carefully with you to arrange precision systems that satisfy all your requirements.

Co-Location & Proximity Hosting Services

Nissan Securities offers value-added Hosting and Infrastructure Services for trading on JPX(OSE, TSE and TOCOM), TFX, and other global exchanges. We provide rack space in major data centers including both proximity and exchange colocation services, aligned with fastest access, and high quality clearing.

FIX Gateway

Nissan Securities' low latency FIX Gateway allows clients to take advantage of high-speed order routing and broad market depth, running via Nissan Securities' high speed network. FIX access to both futures and FX markets is available.

Native API DMA Support & Custom Solutions

At Nissan Securities, Nissan Securities understands the importance of flexibility. That's why we support our clients Native API DMA, and are happy to work with clients to design customized system architecture, facilitate specialized requests, develop new trading networks, and to accommodate client needs.

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