Derivatives, Commodities, & FX


Derivatives, Commodities, & FX

Our product offerings provide clients with access to Japanese and global markets, and encompass our full suite of clearing, execution, and brokerage services. Nissan Securities is also able to offer special discounts and incentives for clients who wish to trade as market makers and liquidity providers, available on multiple exchanges.

Nissan Securities offers market access to the following exchanges:

The JPX Group (OSE, TSE, TOCOM) Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX)
Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) Korea Exchange (KRX)
Singapore Exchange (SGX) London Metal Exchange (LME)
and Other Global Exchanges

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Click Kabu 365

Tokyo Financial Exchange’s (TFX) Equity Index Margin contracts CFDs called “Click KABU 365”are available for trading via Nissan Securities.


The key features of “Click Kabu 365”.

  1. Dividends available
    • Dividends equivalent value is receivable for holding long positions (same as cash equity) (Buyer receives/Seller pays - except DAX margin contracts)
    • Interest-equivalent is receivable for the Short positions (Buyer pays/Seller receives)
  2. Yen denominated Nikkei 225, DAX®and FTSE 100 and DJIA
  3. Leverage – lower cost/efficient trading
  4. Almost 24 hours trading including holidays- trade anytime
    • Nikkei 225 CFDs are available to trade during JPX (Japan Exchange) holidays and off- market hours of JPX.
  5. No limit on the settlement date - no expiry
    • Positions are automatically rolled over every day with no settlement deadline and also without the complications of contract expiry
  6. Competitive Pricing Mechanism
    • Based on the offer and bid prices by designated Market Makers, TFX will only quote the best price for each contract.
  7. DMA (Exchange API) / ISVs are only available through Nissan Securities

Contact us for more details on particular product offerings.

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