Nissan Securities acquires Trading and Clearing Membership of TFX Euroyen Futures

Nissan Securities Co., Ltd. (“Nissan”) acquired Euroyen Futures Trading Membership and Clearing Membership of Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX) on the 1st of November 2019.

Although the zero-interest rate policy has led towards a negative trend in the Interest Rate Futures market, the role of the market is vital for the economy, and therefore should be given high attention by all the domestic and foreign investors.

Nissan focuses on the inbound business from foreign institutional investors, as well as the flow of domestic investors to the derivatives market. Currently, Nissan’s trading volume is about 2 million lots per month throughout Osaka Exchange, Tokyo Commodity Exchange and TFX that Nissan supports. Therefore, with the addition of the TFX Interest Rate Futures Market to the company’s brokerage portfolio, Nissan will be able to support the growth of the respective clients, along with the growth of the derivatives market.

Initially, Nissan will be supporting the Interest Rate Futures market via the Trading Technologies trading platform and the CQG trading platform. Nevertheless, Nissan is flexible in catering the clients’ requests, and therefore, will be glad to support other systems available in the market if required.

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