Nissan Securities: the top broker by volume for Tokyo Commodity Exchange(TOCOM)

6 Jun 2017

Nissan Securities has consistently ranked 1st in terms of total volume for Tokyo Commodity Exchange(TOCOM)’s contracts for the year 2017 until now. This ranking is generated via internal research at Nissan Securities using the data published in TOCOM’s website below.

TOCOM launched new product called Gold Rolling Spot Futures on May 2015 and most recently launched Platinum Rolling Spot Futures on March 21, 2017. These products have no maturity date and the positions are rolled over in daily basis. These characteristics make them unique and differentiates them from the traditional TOCOM’s Gold and Platinum contracts. These products have been immensely popular among both domestic and foreign investors who trade in similar product in other markets. Nissan’s volume has also been among the top for these products. Detailed information about these products can be found in TOCOM’s website below.

About Nissan Securities

Nissan Securities Co., Ltd. is one of the top derivatives brokers in Japan, offering premium clearing, execution, and brokerage services across a wide array of financial products in Japanese and global markets. Specializing in providing flexible yet precise solutions for clients’trading needs, Nissan Securities is uniquely positioned as the only Japanese brokerage firm with clearing memberships to Tokyo Stock Exchange (JPX/TSE), Osaka Exchange (JPX/OSE), Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX), Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM), and Osaka Dojima Commodity Exchange.

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Nissan Securities Co., Ltd. is a financial instruments firm registered under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan,with the registered number 131.
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