Nissan offers NEXT J-GATE Services for JPX and TOCOM

1 Apr 2016

On mid-July this year, Japan Exchange Group (JPX), will launch new high performance Derivatives Trading System called “Next J-GATE”. According to JPX, Next J-GATE will have enhanced system capacity and new functionalities to further improve the convenience for investors and market participants.

The Next J-GATE colocation services for JPX will be in a new location called “JPX Co-lo All”. The current J-GATE’s location is called “JPX Co-lo Open”. Nissan, utilizing its deep experience in proving low latency solutions to HFT clients, will provide seamless total migration support to all its clients and prospective clients. The client will be able to enjoy Nissan’s cutting edge low latency infrastructure and network services in the new colocation site. Nissan experienced Sales and Support team will also answer any questions clients might have regarding the NEXT J-GATE setup, connectivity and other details.

Similarly for Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM), the migration of the current Derivatives Trading System to NEXT J-GATE will take place on Sep, this year. NEXT J-GATE access for TOCOM will be available via colocation site called “Premium Colocation”. Nissan will work carefully with its clients to migrate them to the Premium Colocation site without disrupting their current trading activities.

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