Who Our Clients Are


Nissan Securities serves a wide variety of clients in locations around the globe.

HFT Firms

We are pleased to cater to the particular needs of High Frequency Trading firms. Nissan Securities has developed for clients a HFT optimized infrastructure, utilizing advanced hardware and connectivity technology. Offering DMA with sponsored access, value-added co-location and proximity services, Low-Latency FIX protocol, and Data Center hosting services, we develop the precise solutions that our clients need.

Market Makers

Nissan Securities coordinates with multiple exchanges to bring special discounts and incentive programs to clients who wish to trade as market makers and liquidity providers, offering our clients ways to reduce their trading costs and increase their trading volume.

Brokerage Houses

Nissan Securities works together with major international brokerage houses, and is pleased to offer a full suite of clearing and execution services to Introducing Brokers, Broker-Dealers, and other Futures Commission Merchants. Our fully-loaded front-to-back office support, block trading service and give-up execution friendly environment allow us to develop beneficial and complimentary relationships on a global scale.

Institutions and Hedge Funds

Fund managers, traders, and others involved at the institutional level have different responsibilities, strategies and trading needs. We provide a specialized team that works with you to accomplish your goals and conduct your trading business better.

Professional Traders

We support the business of professional traders of all types and strategies. Whether it be facilitating commercial physical delivery, designing a complex trading system that minimizes latency and maximizes efficiency, or a flexible solution designed to suit a proprietary strategy, Nissan provides all clients with personal attention and expertise, complete with full front-to-back support, 24 hours a day.

Nissan Securities Co., Ltd. is a financial instruments firm registered under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan,with the registered number 131.
Associated as a Member of Japan Securities Dealers Association, The Commodity Futures Association of Japan, The Financial Futures Association of Japan, TypeⅡ Financial Instruments Firms Association